Believe Everything you Read: Friday Fictioneers

“Have you seen my pills?” “They’re on the desk.” Dorothy said pointing. “Where on the desk?” “There beside the things!” “What things?” “The things I tidied up, in the corner.  Don’t make a mess.” Cecil ambled over, feeling around with his thin wrinkled hands.  At 92 he was slower than Dorothy, but as sharp as the corkboard tacks that held up their wedding picture. He pushed open the bubble packet and downed his medication with a glass of wine. An hour later Cecil was dead. He was blind and couldn’t read the label that stated, “Do not take with alcohol.” … Continue reading Believe Everything you Read: Friday Fictioneers

Hope: Friday Fictioneers

Hail pelted the windows. Large golf balls, smashing glass, denting vehicles, turning the streets to an icy wasteland with shards pointing skyward. Some ran inside to burrow, wondering when the misery would end.  Some battled, thinking their path out of the melee was the only one.  Some brave souls weathered the storm, picked up the pieces and lent a helping hand up to those who couldn’t stand. Others toiled, endlessly searching for solutions and a way out. Hope looked up at the slow-moving clouds.   The darkness had passed, giving way to blue skies. Undoubtedly, the sun will come out again. … Continue reading Hope: Friday Fictioneers

Gone But Never Forgotten

I’d been driving for hours. My brain and body aching for sleep.  Searching, searching, for anyone.  For any human life. But I am surrounded only by dirt and trees on these broken roads. The rusty door of my pickup truck creaks as I push it open to stand on the dry soil at the end of this dusty vacant trail. “Is there anyone out here?” I yell into my own echo. My hope of finding a single soul dwindling with my gritty voice as the days pass. The virus is gone, but so are the people. Gone, but never forgotten. … Continue reading Gone But Never Forgotten