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  • Into the Dark by Robert Hookey Book Review

    Into the Dark by Robert Hookey Book Review

    5th May 2021 by

    If you follow Robert Hookey’s blog, You’ve Been Hooked, then you are already captivated by this author’s writing.  So, when I heard that The Hook had written a book during the pandemic lockdowns, I had to grab it. As a genre I would not have picked up this book, but then I would have missed… Read more

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  • Riedel Winewings wine glasses winged satisfaction

    Riedel Winewings Winged Satisfaction

    27th Apr 2021 by

    She moved through the square.  The weight of her bejewelled deep purple gown made lighter by the merriment around her. Each handsewn gem and jewel glittered like the night sky in the Italian countryside. The shimmer compounded by the brilliant February sunshine.   Her feathery wings swayed gently as she stepped through the crowds with… Read more

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