Coutada Velha 2018

This rich dry structured red Portuguese wine from the Alentejo region is full of dark ripe fruit on the nose.  The palate confirms flavours of blackberry jam, soft floral notes, and rich earthy soil.  It does well with a very light chill bringing out the flavour profile even more.

Coutada Velha 2018 Portugese Red Wine Alentejo

Interesting to note that this blend includes Trincadeira which is the same grape as Tinta Amarela used to make Port.  Therefore, giving this wine its rich deep red colour from the dark skins.

Varietal:  Blend of Aragonez, Trincadeira (Tinta Amarela) and Cabernet Sauvignon

Region:  Alentejo, Portugal

Alcohol Content: 13.5%

Price:  Under $16 in Ontario at the LCBO. Also available at wine shops.

Telling stories is fun for me. I hope you enjoy it too. Read a short work of fiction about Coutada Velha here.