Shots Fired: Flash Fiction

Photo Prompt from Dale Rogerson

She sat slumped, her hands face up, resting in her lap. Their weight like sandbags, barely holding the tissue that she would use to wipe the tears that fell onto her arms.

It was just yesterday when he was still here. His blood spattered across the court. Today they washed the chalk lines and his blood. Erased. He was gone forever. Her child. Just playing. Caught in the crossfire. Promises of the future evaporating like the puddles on the court, slowly disappearing.

Behind her she heard voices, footsteps running. A ball bounced across the court. One shot, with its echo.

100 words

Go to Rochelle Wisoff’s  Addicted to Purple site and use her Wednesday photo as a prompt to write a complete 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers.

This week’s photo prompt courtesy of Dale Rogerson.

21 thoughts on “Shots Fired: Flash Fiction

  1. Hi Shelly, I don’t think we’ve crossed URLs before. I found you via Trent’s Weekly Smile project. I was exploring for someone new to read from and this story fell out. Whew. What a start!

    You created and captured a huge painful event – as a parent, it made my skin crawl and we are a gun-owning family.

    My project is different. I create, collect and share memories from growing up that are fun, vivid and funny in 2000 words or less. I have a few fiction pieces, but the bulk are these stories from my past. If you have about 10 minutes for a good laugh, you would be warmly welcomed to stop by. Regardless, thanks for vivid image and message you left me with.


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    1. Hi Gary, thanks for the introduction and for reading my posts and appreciating them. That is a tough story, but a very real one. I will check out your writing. Thanks for providing the link.


    1. Thank you so much. It was really easy to see, but I guess we look at things through the lens that we are familiar with. I guess you could say you and I share a similar lens. Thank you very much for reading and appreciating!

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